Your personal quality partners at a fixed price

Real estate scouting, that means real estate search, preliminary real estate examination and preview – neutral, broker-independent, commission-free, gladly discreet.

There are many real estate offers. Unfortunately, however, property descriptions and preliminary talks do not always yield what was promised. A preliminary examination by us can be helpful for you and save you a lot of time, money, and nerves.

Your way to your dream property
Through our personalised needs analysis we find out together what your dream property should be like. We have developed a process taking into account both hard and soft facts to a balanced degree, leading you to the right real estate. After all, your property in Mallorca should make you happy—during and
after the purchase, construction, or renovation.

At ImmobilienScouting, we work with estate agents because many properties can only be purchased through them. Agents are our partners, but we are not bound to any agent. Much more, we represent the interests of our clients discreetly, neutrally, and independently of estate agents.

Our fee is tiered according to property price groups and starts at €1,500 (including VAT) for assessing your needs, searching for property, and a pre-check and preliminary tour. This is a manageable cost at a fixed rate, giving you security and maintaining your neutrality in an early phase.

We work like a kind of dating agency.

Your wishes are unique; property in Mallorca is as well. We take care of finding the right real estate for you. This is a bit like a matchmaking service. Important for you: We work systematically, speak the language in Mallorca, know the circumstances, and can neutrally act as a broker, advise, and assess in the event of uncertainty.

ImmobilienScouting Mallorca Immobiliensuche Immobilienauswahl zum Festpreis provisionsfrei

Needs analysis and custom real estate profile

Thinking backwards from the goal saves time and money. This is why in the first pre-check, we bring together your facts and ideas into a custom real estate profile.

In the personal discussion—by phone, Skype, or locally on the island—we take time for you, determining your requirements. We sound out your possibilities and wishes, consult to you openly and honestly, and speak plainly at all times. In a briefing, we summarise the basis for your property search.

Property search, pre-check and preliminary viewing

There are many available properties, estate agents, and platforms in Mallorca. One piece of property may be offered by many. This can increase the pressure on the market and during the sale.

Using the briefing, we filter, use our network, and check offers for you. It can be rapidly determined whether a piece of property is worth a pre-check. During the initial visit, we have a close look at the property.

Presentation and joint initial viewing

When the search, pre-check, and initial visit are completed, we present you the results. When you are satisfied the real estate is suitable, we organise a joint initial visit to get to know the properties. This is the moment during which you tour your
future dream home for the first time. This moment can be quite moving.

We, however, remain the neutral guide at your side. During the visit, we broker between seller, estate agent, and you. We introduce preliminary considerations as to how the property can be better tailored to your wishes and how a real gem can arise from an old townhouse or country house.

Buy property in Mallorca

Mallorca is a gorgeous island with hideaways worth living in. This is where more and more people wish to have a finca, holiday home, new home on their own plot of land, or townhouse. The real estate market in Mallorca is not easy to survey. This is why we founded ImmobilienScouting Mallorca.

We are not estate agents, but discreet guides in Mallorca who help you to find the right property—like a type of dating service.

What we do for you:

  • Needs analysis, personalised real estate profile
  • Property search, pre-check and preliminary viewing
  • Presentation and joint initial viewing

Our service at fixed rates can save you a lot of time and money. In the end, it does not matter if you use an agent you buy the property through. We give you the security of having your interests front and centre during every phase of the property search and purchasing process.

We also offer you real estate consulting, property valuation, purchasing support, planning and development, support during construction and renovation, support leasing and caring for your property—by us ourselves or selected partners—including surveyors, appraisers, architects, tradespeople, tax consultants, lawyers, caretakers, a housekeeping team, concierge services, facility management, and much more. Our network is large and has grown over the years.

Immobilie kaufen Mallorca ImmobilienScouting

When longing becomes true love …

Many of our clients have been to Mallorca many times. At some point, they wish to have their own property in Mallorca. Then the questions arise: Who can I contact? Who can help me? This is exactly where we assist you. We are your bridge to Mallorca, your eyes and ears, your neutral and trustworthy guide on the way to the property you desire. Our fees are tiered according to property price groups.

Property with a purchase price up to

  • Online check
  • Discussion of needs
  • Briefing
  • Property search
  • Property pre-check (8 properties max)
  • Property preview (4 properties max)
  • Mutual first visiting (3 properties max)

Property with a purchase price up to

  • Online check
  • Discussion of needs
  • Briefing
  • Property search
  • Property pre-check (10 properties max)
  • Property preview (6 properties max)
  • Mutual first visiting (3 properties max)

Property with a purchase price up to and +

  • Online check
  • Discussion of needs
  • Briefing
  • Property search
  • Property pre-check (15 properties max)
  • Property preview (6 properties max)
  • Mutual first visiting (5 properties max)

Let’s get to know each other. Personal contact is a matter of trust for us. We are here for you in Artà, Mallorca or in Munich.

You have special wishes? We will be happy to make you an individual offer. Just ask us!

Your dream property in sight

ImmobilienScouting Mallorca is not an estate agent! We regard ourselves as a neutral guide for our clients during the entire process of searching for, choosing, and buying property.


One must distinguish between fincas in the countryside, near towns, or close to the sea. From an old traditional farmhouse to a super-modern luxury villa, everything is possible.

Holiday homes

Ferienhaus kaufen Mallorca

A view to the sea is in demand; the price is high. Properties come in different qualities. Especially older or rapidly erected houses should be quite carefully examined.

Holiday flats

Ferienwohnung kaufen Mallorca

From apartment to luxury development, everything is on offer. Flats are often bought as an investment. The property ought to be suitable for being let to tourists in that case.

Plots of land

Grundstück kaufen Mallorca

It has to be clear how many cubic metres may be built on how much land. Authorities are not willing to compromise. Thinking “it’ll slide by” can be difficult and expensive during a possible inspection.


They are becoming more and more popular and can be used year-round. Renovating them can be interesting from a tax perspective. Renting them out is interesting owing to their year-round use.